ADHAATA Technologies
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We provide the following high-quality Products like: Electronic Assembly Tools, Soldering/Rework Stations, Humidity Dry Storage Cabinet, Fume Extraction System etc...

Electronic Assembly Tools

We are the suppliers of the Following electronic assembly tools: Precision Tweezers and Forceps, Wire Cutters, High-Precision Pliers, Vacuum Systems, Custom Hand Tools etc... For more details please contact us.

Soldering/Rework Stations

Our various models of Soldering iron/Station are highly sophisticated, stable, qualitative to achieve accurate results. Fine tip and slim heater ensure your sophisticated soldering for precise components. For more details please contact us.

Humidity Dry Storage Cabinet

The dry cabinets that we cater are outstanding for moisture sensitive components, high precision finished goods and PCB’s as a result of a high performance drying unit. With our variant configuration, we have several models. For more details please contact us.

Fume Extraction System

Our fume extraction and filtration technology removes soldering fumes reliably without residue from the air at the workplace. Available are units for individual workplaces, where low footprint and freedom of movement are of great importance. For more details please contact us.Type your paragraph here.